MotoIQ Radio – Shea Holbrook, Fredric Aasbo, Jarod Deanda, and Jim Liaw


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 MotoIQ Radio: Shea Holbrook, Fredric Aasbo, Jarod Deanda & Jim Liaw

By Justin Banner & Kerryann De La Cruz


On This Week's Show we'll have World Challenge Touring Car driver Shea Holbrook and detail her career.  Followed by our Formula Drift Las Vegas recap with Fredric Aasbo and then Jarod Deanda will take us into the second hour.  Finally, we'll have FD co-owner Jim Liaw end the show with some information on Irwindale, the season thus far, and where we will see Formula Drift in 2013!


7:00pm PST – We start off our show with Shea Holbrook. She's the driver of the TRUECar Honda Civic in the World Challenge Touring Car Class. We'll interview her about her career and TRUECar, the all girl sponsored motorsports team.



7:30pm PST –  Runner up from Formula Drift Las Vegas, Fredric Aasbo will start our Formula Drift Las Vegas Recap. We'll get the details that only a driver can give you!

Jarod Deanda

8:00pm PST – We'll have the “Voice of Formula Drift,” Jarod Deanda, on with us to discuss Vegas and his view on what makes the fans come back for more, what he will do on his time off, and more.

8:30pm PST – We wrap up with Jim Liaw, co-founder of Formula Drift, and will discuss Irwindale, track changes, and the future of Formula Drift.


Tune in to MotoIQ Radio this Wednesday, August 29th at 7pm PST/10pm EST and hear the first show with your new hosts, Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz!


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