MotoIQ Radio: The Mint 400 and Mike Essa of Essa Autosport

MotoIQ RadioMotoIQ Radio: The Mint 400 and Mike Essa of Essa Autosport

by Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz

Tonight on MotoIQ Radio, we're talking Mint 400 and Mike Essa! This weekend is the incredible Mint 400 and this race is probably best remembered as the race that was mentioned in the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” or, if you're old enough, the Rolling Stone article written by Gonzo Journalist, Hunter S. Thompson. Kerryann and I will talk about that race and I'll pick my favorites to look out for. Then, we'll have Mike Essa come on and he's made some fairly big moves for his career. Not only is he the 2013 Formula Drift Champion, but now a new businessman (well, again) with Essa Autosport. We'll talk to him about his new garage and maybe even get a sneak peek into his car before Tech Day.


The Mint 400 is legendary for two reasons: it's been around since 1967 and Hunter S. Thompson's article in Rolling Stone. It's really more than that, though as down town Las Vegas actually shuts down it's main strip for these guys to drive by so the general public can see these incredible machines in person. It's nearly a week long event with contingency, a pit stop competition, and the race itself all happening from Wednesday to Saturday.

There will be some guys to look out for and I'll name a few of my favorites going in to the weekend.

Then we'll have Mike Essa on to not just talk Formula Drift, but he has opened up a shop in Anaheim, CA called Essa Autosport. We'll talk to him about the new shop and what his focus will be for it in 2014 and beyond.

Yes, we will talk to him about his 2014 Formula Drift expectations, too.

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