MotoIQ Radio: WTAC Open Class Discussion, MPTCC Driver Michele Abbate, and Quirt Crawford of Crawford Performance


MotoIQ Radio

 MotoIQ Radio: WTAC Open Class Discussion, MPTCC Driver Michele Abbate, and Quirt Crawford of Crawford Performance

By Justin Banner & Kerryann De La Cruz

As the great George Takei once said, “Oh, My!” Do we have a show in store for you folks. First it's everything about WTAC's new Open Class and what Kerryann and I feel about it. Then we have Sonoma MPTCC Race 1 Winner, Michele Abbate to talk about her season thus far and her future in Motorsports. Finally we'll have Quirt Crawford from Crawfor Performance talking about the Future of Subaru, the BRZ, and yes, we will get his view on what happened at Fontana this weekend during 86 Fest!


MotoIQ Radio

7:00pm PST – Kerryann and I will talk about the recent change in WTAC and the new Open Class Rules. What does this mean for WTAC 2013, Nemo, and even our own Team America Skyline? Find out here!


MotoIQ Radio

7:30pm PST –  Then we'll talk to the craziest girl in road racing besides Kerryann! We'll speak with Michele Abbate about her career, future, and some of the controversy at the Sonoma Round. Well, after I recover from the boot to the head…


Crawford Performance

8:15pm PST – We'll talk to Quirt Crawford of Crawford Performance about Time Attack, the future of Subaru, Crawford Performance, and a little about 86 Fest…

8:45-9pm PST – Yes, we'll even go into what happened when you mix a BRZ and a MP4-12C together. I think you've seen the damage enough. – Photo thanks to


Tune in to MotoIQ Radio this Wednesday, September 19th at 7pm PST/10pm EST and hear the finest in automotive entertainment with your hosts, Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz! Yes, we will be using Livestream this week and will stick with it until we find something better and more consistant. We're getting there folks, just slowly.


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