MotoIQ Wins Motion Show Media Award

Motion Show Industry Awards, MotoIQ Media Award

MotoIQ Wins Motion Show Media Award

 MotoIQ Staff Report


Yaaay for us!  If you didn't catch the breaking news on the MotoIQ Facebook Page yesterday afternoon, was named The Best Media Company IN THE WORLD EVAR at this year's Motion Show!  Ok, so we embelished on the name a little, but it's still a sweet award. What makes it extra sweet is that the award is voted on by the 135+ vendors and manufacturers at the show.


MotoIQ Media Award, Motion Show
Mike Kojima accepting the Motion Show Media Award on behalf of the entire MotoIQ team!


Motion Show, MotoIQ
Our presence at the Motion Show gets bigger and bigger each year as the MotoIQ gospel of Function Over Form spreads even throughout the car show circuit. 


MotoIQ, Motion Show, Media Award
Fans lining up for their chance to spin the MotoIQ Wheel-O-Free-Swag.  Keep an eye out for the MotoIQ store this month for your chance to get your hands on some MotoIQ gear. 


We want to thank everyone that nominated and voted for us, we hope this means we're doing something right!  Most of all we want to thank all our loyal readers who come back day after day and read all the articles  Without you none of this would be possible!

We're still a small organization and a little rough around the edges but as we continue to grow we only look forward to improving the content and quality of our site–maybe even start spelling gooder!


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