MotoIQ’s Pacfic Tuner Car Championship Web Site is Live!

MotoIQ's Pacfic Tuner Car Challange Web Site is live!

MotoIQ’s Pacfic Tuner Car Championship Web Site is Live!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Now it’s time for the moment all of you motorsports fans and racers have been waiting for, the official launch of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship Web site!  All the information about the series is to be found on the site from the car rules, to competition license requirements and applications, event registration, spectator ticket sales and the 2011 schedule.

If you are tired of watching boring cars race, the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship or MPTCC has a unique power to weight ratio governed rules set that will bring excitement back to North American road racing.  The limited power to weight ratio helps reduce the cost of racing  while allowing car constructors to have a great deal of freedom when designing and building the car. 

This approach will give the MPTCC a new fresh slant that will bring the interesting technical innovation of yesteryear back to American Racing. While racing around the world is heading more towards a spec, approach, the MPTCC goes in the opposite direction as our belief is that the cars are a fan interest and technical diversity pleases fans. If you are a true race fan and are tired of how most racing series have resulted in cookie cutter kit cars, then the MPTCC is for you!  If you are a car builder, you will find the MPTCC a great venue for your creativity.

The site also has all information and rules covering two other new Track Events that will be held on the same weekend, the exciting Pro Track Challenge and Pro Time Attack.

Redline Pro Track Challenge is exciting heads-up, wheel-to-wheel elimination style road racing will have you on the edge of your seat! 16 teams have been chosen and will compete for $200,000 in prize money! Catch our official TV show, “Circuit Battles”, that covers the events airing on Versus!

Redline Pro Time Attack is one car, one driver, and a ticking clock in the traditional Time Attack Format. Who will put it all on the line against the clock and take the win against a field full of fast cars? Pro Time Attack pits the best Time Attack drivers in the world against the meanest tracks in the West!

Check out the offical web site at :

See you at the races!

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