Motorcycle Engine Development

I was going through a search for Cosworth and found this site on motorcycle engine development for Honda 400cc road racing motorcycle engine. On this site, G-Force breaks down their road to developing this engine try by try. The general lesson to be learned here is that cheap parts do not work and research and development are the key to perfection. In the street car world, everybody thinks if they get some JE pistons and Eagle rods, they have the best engine in the world. Not so, my friend. Check out the site and learn that if you want the ultimate in performance, it is a painstaking experience that takes plenty of time and money. Some ill-designed generic shelf piston and made in China piece of shit rods will get you nowhere close to perfection. If you read the articles, notice the cost of the components and realize that these are smaller components than automotive engines. What does this mean? Good automotive engine parts cost good money.

Anyhow, you can probably start here: NC428V Clubman Motor. Then follow the right hand side navigation bar downwards and read each article. If you’re an engine nerd, it’s pretty interesting. BTW, there’s a portion where the author says that Cosworth no longer manufactures motorcycle pistons. This isn’t true. Perhaps he spoke to the wrong person.

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