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Road Race Engineering 1st Annual Toy Drive

Road Race Engineering Toy Drive
The next event Kerryann and I did was Road Race Engineering's 1st Annual Toy Drive. Their proceeds would go to the City of Hope Cancer Research Center. Despite the small size of the lot, many Evos, Nissans, and even a Porsche showed up to donate time, money, and toys.
Road Race Engineering Toy Drive
SoCal Evo also helped by organizing with Road Race Engineering and blasting it on their Facebook page and web forums. The great thing about Evos is the fact you can bring more than 2 people in the car with you and that was evident in the sea of people who showed up.
Road Race Engineering Toy Drive
Lucas Oil sponsored Formula Drift Driver, Joon Maeng was in attendance with his Lucas Oil 240SX. The car was built by Road Race Engineering and Joon. He answered every question fans had about the car and never showed frustration or lack of knowledge. Amazing guy that Joon Maeng.
Road Race Engineering Toy Drive
Road Race even had two of their road racing Mitsubishis on display. Their Eclipse, that would be filled with toys later that day, and their Evolution. This was certainly an interesting car and their are talks of possibly getting the car out and racing with it again.
Road Race Engineering Toy Drive
Soon, both cars had been filled to capacity with toys and other donations. Literally, both hatches were full, too!
Road Race Engineering Toy Drive
Road Race Engineering and Vans sponsored Francisco “Coco” Zurita even showed up with Vans hats, shirts, and bags of toys. Another very friendly driver from Road Race Engineering that would talk to anyone who asked him a question. I first met him at SEMA and he's a real blast to talk to. Coco's day job is being a vert BMX rider, but he moonlights in the RRE Evo X for track days.
Road Race Engineering Toy Drive
At the end of the show, prizes were handed out to those who donated toys or money. When they handed in their donations, they were given ticket stubs. Prizes included Lucas Oil products, discounts on dyno tuning, a free dyno session, Muteki Lug Nuts, shirts, and even tickets to the first round of Formula Drift at Long Beach.

That Wednesday, Rossy Welch from Road Race Engineering went to the City of Hope to give the donations to their representatives. I asked Rossy how it felt to give like that for the first time. “It was the best feeling I had ever had in my life,” she stated. “This great opportunity to share our blessings with others couldn't be possible without all of the people who participated and donated their time, money and toys.”

Mike Welch, owner of Road Race Engineering, added, “We're always doing barbeques, meets, and things like that with the Evo community. So, it's cool to have a meet and then to combine it with (a toy drive), we're facilitating all the SoCal Evo guys to give back to the community.” Would Road Race Engineering do it again? Rossy stated, “We look forward to seeing everyone again at the 2nd annual Road Race Toy Drive.” Rossy and Mike Welch and Road Race Engineering would like to thank the following:

Joon Maeng and Lucas Oil

DSport Magazine

Formula Drift

Mackin Industries


SoCal Evo

Los Compadres Tacos

City of Hope Cancer Research Center

Francisco “Coco” Zurita and Vans

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