Motovicity Ticket To Ride Spotlight: KW Suspension 2013 Mustang Variant III Coilovers


The lower mount is machined from billet aluminum and is anodized for corrosion resistance.  It fits into the body side of the chassis while the tapered rear spring goes from the mount to the spring seat on the axle housing.
The microcellular polyurethane bumpstop is soft and squishy.  It is also progressive in rate.  This is good because if you hit a bump in a turn that bottoms out the suspension, it is less likely to cause a sudden loss of traction in the rear.  Hitting a hard bump stop in a turn would suddenly cause the rear spring rate to reach close to infinity.  This would cause a sudden weight transfer to the outside rear tire causing sudden oversteer at worst or unsettling twitchiness at the least.  The soft progressive bumpstop would not only make bottoming out less extreme but would also cause a more gradual ramp up in spring rate as the suspension bottoms out for more predictable handling in this sort of situation.


With our 2013 Ford Mustang's suspension under control, we will next turn our attention to getting more power from the engine.  Get ready for more of Motovicity's Ticket to Ride highlights coming soon to MotoIQ!




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