Motovicity Ticket To Ride Spotlight: Whiteline 2013 Mustang Suspension


KSB729 - Rear Brace
Whiteline also has a Rear Chassis Brace for the 2013 Mustang. The OEM brace is stamped steel and is intended to reduce the stress that occurs when the OEM Panhard Bar gets loaded. The Whiteline Rear Chassis Brace is boxed heavy duty steel, so the additional stress is minimized and the Panhard Bar can do its job better. This can not be used with the Whiteline Watts-Link System.



Whiteline Mustang Lower Control Arms
The Whiteline Rear Lower Control Arms feature the same basic construction as the uppers, save for one distinct difference. The adjustments are made by a turnbuckle instead of the eccentric bushing. The bushings are still synthetic elastomer, though they do feature another unique design. Per Whiteline, “Our non-bonded bushing design allows the crush tubes to free float, eliminating bushing wind and snap back, increasing handling predictability.”  



Whiteline Lower Bracket Mustang
To reduce anti-squat after lowering the S197, the Whiteline Lower Control Arm Brackets lower the mounting location of the lower rear control arms. The geometry correction not only improves anti-squat, but also reduces rear-dive under acceleration.  



Whiteline Lower Control Arm Bracket Mustang
The Whiteline Rear Lower Control Arm Brackets are also completely bolt-on. No cutting, welding, or even drilling is required! Great news for the S197 home enthusiast who doesn't have access to a welder and plasma torch.  



Whiteline Panhard Bar Mustang
Another rear suspension geometry piece that Whiteline offers is the Panhard Bar, or Track Bar for you circle track guys. The Panhard Bar keeps the rear end moving from side to side as you corner your live-axle Mustang. It's also adjustable, allowing you to change the track of the S197.



Whiteline Watts Link Mustang
While the Panhard Bar does a great job locating the rear, Whiteline's Watts-Link for the Mustang takes it further.  The Watts-Link ensures equal stability left and right, rather than lots of stability on one side and some on the other.  If you lower the Mustang you can adjust the Watts-Link by the connection at the Whiteline designed differential cover and 4130 Chromoloy adjustable arms. The cover also features integrated taps for the optional GT500 differential cooler. Oh, and it's a bolt on system too!  







So as you can see, Whiteline has the performance needs of Mustang owners completely covered! We're sure you want us write about all the parts, but they don't all fit in one car. No problem! The winners of the Ticket to Ride contest will get these parts to play with:

  • BFF55Z – Front Sway Bar
  • BFR65Z – Rear Sway Bar
  • KPR037 – Adj Panhard Rod
  • KSB729 – Rear Brace
  • KTA140 – Rear Control Arm
  • KBR37 – Relocation Bracket

Our very own MotoIQ Mustang projects will be used to review the rest of the parts and you can get a head start by reading Project Mustang 5.0, Part II: Controlling Body Roll with WhitelineYou will need to wait for our in-depth review of the Watt's Link, but it will definitely be worth the wait!



For more information on Whiteline's Mustang Suspension parts and the rest of their suspension products, visit them at

Whiteline Flat Out


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