Motovicity’s Ticket To Ride Scion FR-S Update- Eibach Pro Street-S Coilovers


Another advantage that gas pressurization has is the reduction of cavitation in the damping fluid.  When the shock piston moves in the fluid, there is a low pressure rarefaction created just past the valves.  This low pressure can vastly lower the boiling point of the fluid to where it forms bubbles.  Lots of bubbles in the fluid can cause inconsistent damping and shock fade.  By putting the fluid under pressure, this cavitation can be nearly eliminated.  The Pro Street -S shocks can be rebuilt and recharged with nitrogen if needed.


You can see the machined billet part that allows the fluid to flow in and out of the reservoir.


A spherical bearing is used for the lower mount.  This is incompressible unlike the stock rubber bushing, thus all wheel motion must pass through the damper for best control.


A nice touch is this rubber seal on the bearing for all weather use.


The Eibach Pro Street-S works at 150-200 psi which is pretty typical for a monotube.  With a schrader valve, the gas pressure can be adjusted which has a minor effect on ride height and stiffness.


Overall we feel that the Eibach Pro Street-S is a good quality basic street performance coilover which has potential for both street and track use.  We think it will prove to be good performing and durable in daily use.


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