MPTCC – 2012 Season Announcement

MPTCC – 2012 Season Announcement



The loyal listeners of the MotoIQ Radio show were treated to a sneak peak last Wednesday night as we announced the dates and some details regarding the 2012 MPTCC season live on the show.

Before we let you all in on the details, we would first like to take a little time to thank all the teams that have been blowing up our emails and phones for their patience.  We've been busy hustling to secure dates and partnerships that will allow us to provide you with maximum track time and exposure for your racing dollar.  We would also like to send a huge thank you out to everyone at Global Time Attack and the National Auto Sport Association.  We are truly grateful to be working with such great organizations.  So without further ado, here is the first look at the 2012 MPTCC Schedule:



MPTCC Provisional 2012 Event Schedule


1. Buttonwillow 4/21 – 4/22 = Points Races (w/GTA & NASA)


2. Road Atlanta 5/11 – 5/12 = Exhibition Event – no points (w/GTA & FD)


3. Palm Beach Int 6/1 – 6/2 = Exhibition Event – no points (w/GTA & FD)


4. Auto Club Speedway 7/28 – 7/29 = Points Races (w/NASA)


5. Track & Date TBA* Aug or Sep = Points Races




*TBA Events will be announced in the MPTCC Page in as details are finalized



We understand there are teams that need to start planning for the season already and we will have the details for event #5 by the end of February.  There are a couple of options available to us, but we have a few final details left to work out before we can make an announcement.  We can tell you that the event will definitely be held in a California track. 


2012 is going to be all about refining and growing our series.  The Exhibition events we'll be running alongside FD and GTA will not be Points Races, but they will be great opportunities to market our series to a much larger audience.  The plan is to match up some of our cars against the GTA cars to show how the MPTCC cars stack up against the best Time Attack cars in the country.  We will also be getting a few FD and guests drivers behind the wheel of our cars to see what they can do without sliding around.  The MPTCC will not only be running alongside GTA, but we will also be setting up the MotoIQ booth in the FD vendor row to display a couple cars, sell some swag, and answer any question future competitors may have.





In the coming weeks we will be launching a MPTCC only page in MotoIQ that will be used as a central information hub for everything MPTCC.  Fans will be able to quickly find all MPTCC related articles, event info, team bios and current points standings.  While competitors will appreciate having quick access to competition requirements, registration information, rule set, etc.

Since the page is not live yet, there are a couple items we would like to announce right away so our competitors will have plenty of time to get prepared for the first race in April.




For 2012 all MPTCC competitors must hold a valid, wheel to wheel competition license from a recognized sanctioning body,  e.g. NASA, SCCA, Grand AM, FIA, PCA, etc.

You will be required to submit a photo copy of your current license prior to participation in your first event.  

If you intend to participate in the 2012 MPTCC series and do not currently hold a competition license, please refer to your regional NASA office for further information regarding the licensing process.

The first event of the season will be sanctioned by NASA.  You will be required to go through the NASA licensing process prior to participation.

NASA Competition Licensing Process link:

2011 MPTCC Season Announcement


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