MPTCC License Requirements and Important Info
MPTCC License Requirements and Important Info
You like what you see in the MPTCC, your car is built and now you're ready to join in the fun!  But before you load up your race car and head to the track, there are a few items that must be covered. Your competition license, your car's annual tech inspection and your car's transponder.
The MPTCC will be running the majority of its races with NASA and therefore all competitors must hold a valid NASA Competition License in order to race.  Everyone, except those who have a NASA competition license, will fall into one of three categories.  Lets go down the list one by one.
Racer with a Current or Expired License from Another Organization
The first thing you need to do is visit the NASA website and become a member.  Here's the link to the Membership Page.  
Next you will have to fax the following information over to NASA:
  • Completed Provisional License Application
  • Copy of your state driver's license
  • Copy of your racing license
  • Copy of a completed Medical Form (from other orgs, ok)
  • Coversheet with a credit card number with expiration date.
  • Fax # 510-277-0657
Track Experience, but Never Had a Competition License
Drivers at this level feel comfortable in open passing track days and are ready to take on the challenge of wheel to wheel racing. Before you can be issued a competiton license you must first attend a licensing program and obtain a Provisional License.  SoCal NASA's licensing program is run by Driving Concepts.  
Little to No Track Experience
Don't have much track experience yet?  No problem!  NASA's High Performance Driving Events (HPDE) are the right place for you to learn and gain the experience needed for competitiion driving.  Follow the link below to one of our Project Racer articles where we explain NASA's HPDE program and give you some insight as to what to expect.
annual tech inspection, mptcc, nasa
All cars must go through an annual tech inspection and driver/team must maintain a NASA logbook.  Tech inspections can be performed at authorized shops or by NASA personnel at the events.  Follow the link below for NASA's tech procedure  
All competitors are required to have their own AMB Timing Transponders.  The MPTCC will NOT have transponders available for rent.  NASA does have transponders available, but please be sure to sign up early to ensure you reserve one.  If you do not have an AMB timing transponder you will not be allowed to compete. 
If you have any questions at all please email us at:
MPTCC at MotoIQ dot com

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