Mucking Off with Muck Daddy, Green Style

Mucking Off with Muck Daddy, Green Style

by Mike Kojima

There is always plenty going on at the palatial MotoIQ HQ.  A lot of that involves race cars and high mileage street cars.  This means that we're constantly dealing with dirty and grimy hands of the worst order.

We also get sent samples of automotive chemicals, oils, cleaners and you name it on an almost daily basis.  One day we got a sample of Muck Daddy hand cleaner and wipes and since we get hand cleaner samples all the time, it sat on the shelf for a few months in the cleaner queue with the other cleaner samples, yawn.


Muck Daddy products are great at cleaning awful grimy parts of our body without dissolving them.  It is only fitting that we used Rathyna's Project Sturdteen as the backdrop for this shot as it's the most dirty thing in our shop!

So recently the Muck Daddy products made their way to the front of the line and we started to use them around the shop to clean our hands.  From the instant we used their hand cleaner we knew this was some great stuff.

The Muck Daddy cleaner cut right through the nastiest grease and grime instantly.  Sometimes cleaners can be really effective but they kill your skin, not so for Muck Daddy, our hands were left soft and smelling good with none of the weird after residue that some cleaners leave.

This performance lead us to do a little research on what sort of stuff Muck Daddy was made out of.  The stuff was promoted as a “green” product and for us, the term green usually means doesn't work good when it comes to chemicals.  Not so with Muck Daddy.

Muck Daddy uses a non petroleum solvent called Myralene 10 which is interestingly derived from sugar cane fermentation.  Being plant derived the production of Myralene 10 actually removes carbon from the environment rather than adding to it like a petroleum based solvent. 

Myralene 10 is less volatile, more biodegradable and more environmentally friendly than Di-limonene, the current go to green solvent and still tears through grease like acetone.  We probably need to hook this stuff up to our shop solvent tanks!

For Muck Daddy hand cleaner the Myralene 10 is blended with Squalane, a skin moisturizer, and pumice which serves as an abrasive. The stuff cleans like crazy and is still good on your skin, leaving your hands soft and clean. 

Muck Daddy also has disposable wipes which we haven't used as much around the shop but would be handy at the track or places you get dirty with no running water. 

Muck Daddy has come up with a green product that actualy works better than the traditional stuff and we felt that it stood out enough from our samples pile to do a write up on.

We hope they send more because we are out!



Muck Daddy

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