Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration – Charlotte Motor Speedway


The Cars

Of course, there were lots of Mustangs in attendance.  At the Charlotte event, nearly 5,000 Mustangs were registered to be in the show field both inside and outside the motorsports park, and that number doesn’t include the many more Mustangs that were simply driven down and parked outside the show field.  Every place you went in the greater Charlotte area, there was an impromptu Mustang car show.  If you can think of a rare Mustang, there were at least three in attendance.  The four-cylinder, turbocharged Mustang SVO, of which less than ten thousand total were produced, was seen in droves.


I tried to get a picture of just how many Mustangs were parked inside CMS.  This isn’t even a quarter of them, and there were two more show fields outside the park!
When I first pulled into CMS on Thursday morning, I came through a tunnel to get to the infield.  As soon as I was in, I heard the sounds of screaming engines lapping the track.  The first car I noticed out on track was this red turbocharged Mustang SVO.  I was definitely in the right place.

Many more pictures are available on my Flickr page.

The track was also opened up for participants to take hot laps of the roval.  Even cooler than seeing vintage Mustangs parked was seeing them out on the track.  Turbocharged 4-cylinder SVOs, early Fox Bodies, and even a genuine vintage GT350 were all seen doing hot laps of CMS's roval.


That’s what I like to see: an old race car still being used for its intended purpose!
Though few were stalwart enough to brave Saturday's torrential rain, we here at MotoIQ take our Mustang events seriously.

Vaughn Gittin, Jr. was also in attendance at both the Las Vegas and Charlotte events.  Flying in from Vegas on Friday night, JR gave an amazing drift demonstration even in the pouring rain on Saturday.


Even Vaughn Gittin, Jr. thinks his car is LOUD.

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