“My Fiancée’s” Miata: Part 9 – V8 Roadsters’ Cowl Stabilizer Brace, Adjustable End Links and Track Test


Our Dunlop classics were destroyed on the first lap. This flat spot is way gnarlier than it looks. I thumped my way around the track for the rest of the evening and then enjoyed the 2.5-hour drive home trying to come up with an excuse for the fiancée on why the Miata now sounds and rides like a tractor.

Notes from the track: first lap in, first time on the main straight and I flat spotted the hell out of our classic, well-aged Dunlop Star Specs. I mean, I nearly destroyed the tire. That still didn’t stop me from pounding out laps. I did learn that they got faster the hotter they were, but no matter, they would need to be going in the trash/appropriate recycle center sooner rather than later. This was also the first time driving the car in the summer’s heat and she was amazing. The radiator and brakes worked perfectly. There was no overheating and no funny smells, although the power steering pump did spit out a bit of fluid.


What have we learned? First, with the V8 Roadster's Cowl Brace up front and the Blackbird roll bar out back, we’ve got those two areas of chassis rigidity covered, now to join the two parts of the car in holy matrimony for the ultimate chassis strength in a rusty Miata. Second, the car really has become what I always imagined it could be, the ultimate track practice weapon. Upgrades will continue to be made, but I wonder how one could best use this ultimate track practice car???  Wait for the next article to find out!




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