“My Girlfriend’s” Miata: Part 3 – Lotus Elise Seats and Flipside Customs Brackets


And with the Elise seats, we see an 8.3 pound weight reduction per side. That means I can gain 16 pounds before I have to feel bad about letting myself go.Installed in the car, the seats look great and match wonderfully. I think it even helps with the roll bar color, although I am sure many will continue to disagree.The seats also add to the quality and feel of the interior, making the Miata seem a bit more special when driving around. Perhaps I am just trying to justify the added cost. On a side note, I've started yelling at Civic owners, “more than you can afford pal” when I drive by.

With April just around the corner there’s a full on blitz to get the Miata ready for a track day. We have a few more cool toys ready to get installed that should improve both on and off track manners. A baseline lap time will be set to compare against future modifications and track feedback on all installed parts is coming as well, so stay tuned!


Flipside Customs

Professional Awesome


  1. Hello, that looks really great. i need to get lower as well. I’m wondering if you could share your torso length, specifically when seated on the floo and legs extended our in front. How high is the top or you head off the floor. This would allow me to compare to myself. How much lower did the seat put you compared to stock?

    Thank you

    1. My torso length sitting as you requested is approx 39″. As far as the drop from stock… I don’t have the car anymore and I didn’t do a great before and after, but I’d guess 1-2″.

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