My GS300

My GS300 is currently awaiting its conversion back to a stock body. In its heyday (I bought it new in 1999), it was what I thought to be the ideal street car. It was wide, low, big wheels (20×11.5 rear), turbo (420whp), big stereo (5500 watts rms) and was clean when it had new paint (BMW Brilliant Black). Power to keep up with a V8 M5, the chicks used to dig it, and it was comfortable. What’s the difference between fiberglass aero parts and high maintenance girlfriends? Nothing: they both need constant attention, maintenance, and money to keep them happy. I hate taking care of my cars (outside of the mechanical realm) so I basically drove the GS into the ground. Now I will be returning the body back to stock, widening some factory 17″ wheels, and raising the car. This way even if I treat it like whore, it won’t matter. Now you just can’t do that to high maintenance chicks can you? Well some of them you can…

I never saw this picture of my own car until about a week ago. It’s a pretty dope picture actually. When Falken Tires borrowed the car several years ago to film a promotional VIP video, I guess one of the guys snapped the pic. Somebody sent me a link of a forum thread about my own car too on club lexus. What a trip.

All I want is to be able to drive it very fast while being safe. Imagine a car expressly built for sprinting from LA to Vegas in less than 3 hours with some 130-150mph cruising. I’ll post up the back to stock look conversion after I complete the work. This car is pretty close to last priority on list so there is no target finish date on this one.

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