Nashville Time Attack – Sunday 7/26/09

I remember why I don’t play roulette much in vegas any more (see yesterday’s post). You never know what’s going to happen sometimes. The Sierra Sierra EVO 8 had a rear differential mount failure in the first time attack session on Sunday that prevented Bomarito from completing a timed lap. The car was running solid all day Saturday and even cranked out a 1:01.3 in a Sunday morning practice session. The constant beating of the Nashville Super Speedway’s relatively rough infield to oval transitions and the massive G loads of the oval banking took it’s toll on the SSE EVO’s rear end and bent the front portion of the rear differential mount and cracked the cast aluminum part of the diff mount in two places. That’s too bad since we still had some more boost and softer tires to use in the actual time attack sessions.

Check out Redline Time Attack’s update page for round 4 winners. Congrats to AMS for winning the unlimited class with their EVO X. They ran a best time of 1:00.9 in Sunday morning practice, but ran a best of 1:01.296 in the actual time attack sessions to take the unlimited class and overall wins. Chris Rado with his 984whp fwd Chaparral Scion cranked out a 1:03.5 for second in unlimited. Holy shit does that front wing work or what?!? Gary Kubo builds a killer Scion engine that’s for damn sure. Also Ryan Gates pulled off a 1:04.460 taking the modified class win in his street driven privately owned EVO X which is pretty impressive. Check out John Naderi’s blog for a different view on the event.

I guess you can’t always believe Wesley Snipes after all. I always preferred Arnold’s one liners anyway…

I think it’s great that the AMS EVO X and the SSE EVO 8 are pretty much toe to toe. They are both new race cars that seem to be going toe to toe. Neither team will be sitting idle so it should be an interesting Unlimited Class time attack season. I know I’ll be doing my best to make sure the SSE EVO 8 is the fastest by the end of the year. Until the next round (if repairs can be made in time).

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