Need For Speed – Pro Street & Juiced 2 – HIN

These Xbox360 games looks pretty tight. I think they will be fun to play and most of the Xbox360 games are pretty dope. Troy from XS sent me an email with some links to some screen shots from this new game.

These 3 screen shots are from Juiced 2 – HIN. These aren’t exactly faithful renditions of the XS Time Attack BNR32 Skyline GT-R, but it’s cool the car has it’s own identity in the game. It also looks like HKS got some love on the car.This will of course add to how all the forum faggots say “XS is so commercialized.” Look you fucking forum fuckheads, XS is commercialized for a reason: they are bad ass. Hey I’m going to start using that: Fucking Forum Fuckheads = FFF. Alternately, it could be Fucking Forum Faggots which is also = FFF. This refers to those FFF that live and breathe forums and don’t really see the world outside of the forums. The term FFF does not refer to the intelligent forum participants who are able to decipher all the bullshit and heresay on the forums for themselves. More on FFF and peer review later.

Also from Juiced 2 – HIN. So to advance past a certain stage, you have to beat Tarzan driving the XS BNR32 GT-R in a race. I think Tarzan is kind of like a “boss” you have to beat in a shoot ’em up game.

This is from Need for Speed – Pro Street. There’s an XS sticker on the front of this Audi A4. Why? They are video game producers after all. They wouldn’t know that XS does not build Audis I suppose.

Here some info on the celebrity drivers in Juiced 2 – HIN. Scroll down to read the Tarzan section. Good Stuff.

Edit 11/8/07 – Reader Joe Whittingham notified me of corrections. Thanks Joe!

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