Nerd’s Eye View — Inside 10,000 horsepower! (Part 2)


FACT #17: Should the parachutes fail to deploy, the cars are capable of slowing under their own rear braking power down the track.

Looking inside the cockpit of madness, just to our left of the steering wheel you can see a shiny black, duck-looking lever.  That's the lever that is pulled for the 4-piston rear brakes, and what is released off the line the instant Antron floors the throttle to get the instant 5.5G's at launch.


I didn't get a chance to include this picture in Part 1, but this lever to the left of the steering wheel activates the pump for the nitromethane.  Knowing what we know now about the copious amounts of Nitro that are pumped, and in lieu of its volatility, we can breath a sigh of relief knowing the fire-extinguishing button is right there, too.


This isn't just a picture of a walk-through down Nitro Alley.  In fact, every truck you see pictured here belongs to Don Schumacher Racing.  The DSR team is no less than 7 teams and 14 race rigs, with an additional 4 hospitality rigs.  Nice…


Inside each race trailer is impressive.  In the case of the Matco Tools Top Fuel team, two trailers are joined side by side for easy access to all parts bins and machinery.

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