New Honda K series goodies from Skunk 2

New Honda K series goodies from Skunk 2

If you are fans of the Honda K series motor like we are (engine for geek correct guys like Coleman) you will be interested in these two new products from our friends at Skunk 2.  We truly believe that the K and F Series Honda Engines are currently the most advanced 4 cylinder engine on the planet and we are happy to see Skunk2 continuing to come out with new parts for them.


Skunk2 Honda K series big throttle body

Skunk2 is proud to introduce its all-new, 74mm Pro Series Throttle Body for Honda’s K-series engines—the biggest K-series throttle body you can buy. Skunk2’s Pro Series Throttle Bodies are designed to be used with OEM Acura RSX (PRB) or Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifolds for bolt-on horsepower and torque gains by optimizing engine airflow (other applications, including ’06+ Civic Si RBC manifolds, require adapter plate).

Skunk2 throttle bodies undergo an extensive design and testing process to produce a unit that doesn’t just provide more flow, but retains smooth drivability and OEM throttle characteristics. Skunk2 Pro-Series Throttle Bodies are designed using the latest CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) tools to produce a unit that exceeds industry standards. Each Pro-Series Throttle Body is CNC-machined from forged, billet 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized for durability in Skunk2’s signature Black Series finish. Additionally, Skunk2’s unique K-series throttle pulley design allows for smooth movement and pedal modulation, and the OEM coolant hoses have been eliminated for cooler operation.

A larger throttle body is key to producing additional power throughout the powerband on modified engines with increased airflow demands. Skunk2’s new Pro Series Throttle Bodies feature a 74mm bore, which results in significant horsepower gains throughout the powerband on naturally aspirated applications and even more on forced induction ones.


Skunk2 Honda K Series timing chain tensioner

Skunk2 is proud to introduce its Pro Series Timing Chain Tensioner for Honda’s K-series engines, making it safer than ever for K-series owners to take advantage of aggressive, aftermarket camshafts. Pro Series Tensioners are machined from high-quality 7075-aluminum, are heat-treated, and feature stiffer, OEM-quality springs that eliminate chain slack and prevent the exhaust camshaft from slamming shut at low engine speeds, even under low oil pressure conditions where the factory spring is normally compromised. Pro Series Tensioners also include an upgraded 16mm diameter piston (1.5mm larger) with a larger ratcheting mechanism that features deeper and wider, hardened-steel ratcheting teeth for extra protection—the ultimate fail-safe to ensure against excessive tensioner piston travel and potential engine damage due to worn teeth. Pro Series Tensioners also fit tightly against the timing chain guide to ensure against rotational movement, which can exert uneven load against the ratcheting teeth. Even the factory-designed oil passages and check valves have been retained, which means Pro Series Tensioners remain lubricated and pressurized just as Honda intended. Visit for more information and to find out how current Skunk2 K-series camshaft users with valid proofs of purchase can get their own Pro Series Timing Chain Tensioner for the special discounted price of $75.

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