New HPL with Boosted Technology High Performance Synthetic Oils


PRECISION TURBO AND ENGINE is proud to introduce a new line of lubricants specifically designed for high performance engines, including turbocharged and supercharged engines.

Not all oil is created equal, and Precision understands that if you want to get the best performance out of your engine, you need to put the best oil into it. Most oil is made using low grade base oil and additives in order to meet the minimum API spec to increase profit margins, which is not ideal for use in your performance vehicle.



Quality, durability and performance are the driving forces behind HPL Lubricants. HPL Synthetic Oil with Boosted Technology is chemically engineered to exceed the harsh demands of your high performance engine and drive train. To achieve this unparalleled standard, HPL Lubricants use only the highest quality synthetic base oil and the Boosted Technology additive Pack.

HPL lubricants are ideal for the high RPM, heavy loads, and extreme pressures found in high performance and boosted applications. The Boosted Technology additive pack provides maximum anti-wear and increased shear protection. Additionally, superior anti-foam and rust/corrosion protection promote increased oil life and extended drain intervals. HPL oils with Boosted Technology exceed the API and O.E. requirements, effortlessly outperforming the competition.    



All HPL lubricants are proudly made in the U.S.A. and feature the following benefits:

  •     Proprietary Boosted Technology Additive Packs
  •     Maximum Anti-Wear and Increased Shear Capability
  •     Superior Anti-Foam and Corrosion Protection
  •     Reduced Friction Coefficients Creates More Power
  •     Extended Oil Drain Intervals
  •     Prevents Sludge and Varnish
  •     Flat Tappet Camshaft Approved
  •     Compatible with Gasoline or Diesel



For more information on the new HPL synthetic oils and lubricants, which include motor oil, break-in oil, gear oil, and automatic transmission fluid, or to order, call Precision Turbo & Engine at (855) 996-7832.

About Precision Turbo & Engine

Since 1987, Precision Turbo and Engine has been a leader in turbocharger technology for street and race applications. PTE offers a complete line of replacement, upgrade and custom turbochargers featuring the exclusive CEA® (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) compressor and turbine wheels. Additionally, PTE manufactures its own line of intercoolers, boost control products, electronic fuel injectors, and is a top distributor for stand-alone engine management systems and fuel system component. Each sale comes with expert advice and support.


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