New Lancer OZ Rally? Not Quite an EVO X

Stephen Quinn who used to help out here and there at XS several years ago sent me an email telling me about a photo shoot he saw going on at Cal Poly Pomona (he’s going for his ME degree I think). Just outside the quad at the CLA building, was a photo shoot of the new Lancer OZ Ralliart something or other. I think it’s supposed to compete with the WRX and not the STI. Anyhow, here are some excerpts from Stephen’s email:

“…We THINK this is the new Lancer OZ Rally edition because my friend swears he saw that through the lens of his camera on the back of the car. I did not get any rear views of it so I cannot say…The car looked like an Evo X to me from a distance but I immediately noticed its lack of Brembo’s both front and rear. The wheels were also different than those of the Evo’s. They seem to be some sort of gunmetal version of the stock Lancer wheels. The thing that shocked me was the fact that the car had an intercooler. Mitsubishi’s previous excuses for the “Lancer OZ Rally” seemed to me like stiffer springs, bigger wheels, and a few badges here and there. If this thing does have the Evo X motor, Mitsubishi has REALLY stepped up their game. The car does not have the wider front fenders like the Evo but does have an identical hood to it. The front facia looks a mixture of the Evo’s agressive lip with the stock look of the Lancer bumper. Car looked pretty sweet. Let me know what you think!”

It looks like an EVO X from far. Just like some chicks: good from far, but far from good. I’m sure the press will beat the crap out of the car and tell us what they think.

What do I think Stephen? Personally I think it looks a bit too close to a EVO X. I’d be pretty pissed if I bought an EVO X for $38k and some kid rolls up with the same looking car for $25k. When you look at a WRX and STi you can clearly see the difference in levels of trim. I hope we’ll be able to tell the difference with the EVO X and the OZ Rally.

Ed Loh from Motortrend Magazine tells me this car is the Lancer Ralliart edition. No OZ, not rally, just Ralliart.

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