New Lancer

I ran into an old drinking buddy Sam Mitani of Road and Track last night at Musha in Torrance. He gets to drive all the new cars before they come out. I only had my shitty cel phone to snap some super crappy pics. I didn’t even bother taking pics of the rear because there wasn’t enough light. The new Lancer is alright. It looks good compared to the current base Lancer. Its so big though, I’m not sure how good of an EVO X it’s going to make. I hate it when manufacturers make the car bigger and heavier (like the BNR32 GTR to the BCNR33 GTR). Say goodbye to the good ol’ 4G63 finally. The new Lancer sports the GEMA engine: Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance, a joint venture between DaimlerChysler, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai. Word from sources at Mitsubishi say that they are having difficulty generating 300hp on our fucking shitty pump gas we have here in America. That’s ok because I’ll fix that as I’m working on camshafts already at Cosworth.



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