New MoTec M1 Package For The FR-S/BRZ Is A Tuner’s Dream!

New MoTeC M1 Package For The FR-S/BRZ Is A Tuner’s Dream!


It’s not often that a true driver’s car like the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ come along. A fun, affordable sports car that begs to be let loose on the track. But when the urge for increased performance strikes, as it inevitably does, there’s a limit to what is possible with the factory ECU and most aftermarket systems given the car’s sophisticated inbuilt electronics.



MoTeC rises above this challenge with the groundbreaking M1 ECU and the new, specially developed FR-S/BRZ firmware package for the FA20D engine. 

Sold as a complete replacement for the factory computer, this fully programmable engine management system is designed to handle the complex demands of motorsport applications and high performance modifications with ease. It offers powerful capabilities such as turbo or supercharger control, programmable launch and traction control, and gear shift ignition cutting for flat shifts, all while maintaining factory features including power steering, ABS, stability control, air conditioning and the OE dash.*



An optional plug-in wiring loom is available for quick, cost effective installation using the car’s original wiring harness, sensors and fuel system; in other words, ‘plug and play’.

MoTeC’s FR-S/BRZ package is designed to run a standard engine like factory straight out of the box, providing the perfect starting point for customized tuning within M1 Tune, the powerful new tuning program for M1 ECUs. M1 Tune is significantly different to MoTeC’s previous tuning software and other standalone systems, offering unique features that facilitate fast, accurate tuning with much of the thinking done for you.

Fuel delivery within the FR-S/BRZ package is based on volumetric efficiency, a superior method of control that is precisely calculated from the combination of air volume into the engine, injector data and the desired air/fuel ratio (lambda). If the aim lambda or injector calibrations are changed, the ECU automatically recalculates the fuel model without the need for retuning; a time saver that ensures smooth running.



The M1 series incorporates live data logging into the tuning software, making road or dyno tuning very efficient. Areas that need attention can be pinpointed instantly without the need for separate download and analysis. 

HP Academy recently reviewed the Toyota 86 package and shared their first impressions, including feedback about the configurable direct and port injection tables: “One of the functions it does an exceptional job of is controlling the direct injector and port injector mix…you’ve got complete flexibility there.” 




Early customers have also been forthcoming with their praise. One very experienced tuner attested: “I ran the car hard all day long at a drift/track event…and it was flawless. I have done quite a bit of fine tuning on the car now…and I can say without question this car runs better than any other I have ever tuned (with) an aftermarket system. Very impressed, and I don't feel I am 100% done yet.”

On-board knock control, which comes pre-configured for the two OE knock sensors, is also configurable, allowing users to define their own threshold for peace of mind.

Additional MoTeC devices can be added to the system, including LTC (lambda to CAN) modules, GPS, shift lights and MoTeC displays and loggers. These can be integrated via CAN for logging and to provide warnings on the fly about events such as knock detection and wheel slip.

MoTeC’s FR-S/BRZ package, M150 ECU and optional loom are available now from official MoTeC dealers throughout North America. M1 Tune can be downloaded free of charge from the MoTeC website.

For more information see or contact your local authorized MoTeC dealer (see for listings). 

*Cruise Control is currently in development and will be available in a future release. 




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