NEW PRODUCT: 2 New Products from Whiteline Automotive

 NEW PRODUCT: 2 New Products from Whiteline Automotive

Whiteline is pleased to announce two new products:  adjustable rear control arms for the Mitsubishi Evolution 10 and an anti-lift/caster kit for any MY08+ WRX or STi.

Adjustable Rear Control Arms (Lateral link KTA135) – Whiteline’s heavy duty turnbuckle adjustable rear control arms KTA135 , allow on car camber tuning for the serious street to track enthusiast. Low compliance heim joint bearings to maintain original geometry and bushing deflection.  KTA135 offers 100mm of available adjustment and 70mm over the factory setting and represents part of the Whiteline handling system for the EVO X, designed to match and integrate with adjustable sway bars, key alignment products and low compliance bushings to deliver a fully balanced handling solution.

Anti-lift/Caster Kit (KCA334M) – Whiteline’s anti-lift/caster kit applies to the front control arm rear bushing of any MY08+ WRX & STi as a motorsport only option that features light weight aluminum bushing and offset serviceable teflon bearing for added caster, minimal compliance and optimum feedback. A WALK or Whiteline Anti Lift Kit fitted to your vehicle will result in more compliant suspension during braking and acceleration, reduced understeer with increased front end grip and sharper more precise steering due to added caster. Note: ***MOTORSPORT ONLY*** If your vehicle is a daily driver this product is not for you as it will produce NVH. Otherwise check out the revamped street option KCA334

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