Newsflash! Sierra Sierra EVO smashes USA Time Attack Record!

Sierra Sierra EVO

Newsflash! Sierra Sierra EVO smashes USA Time Attack Record!

MotoIQ Staff Report

News flash!!  Hot off my cell phone, at the Redline Time Attack, The Sierra Sierra EVO VIII has just broken the long standing time attack lap record at Buttonwillow set by the HKS EVO in 2007 at 1:43.523  with a scorching 1:43.200.  With Billy Johnson's NSX absent, they are probably a shoe in for a victory this weekend.

More to come.


Latest from Eric @ Buttonwillow.

This morning ran a 1:43.43 in practice to solidly back up our 1:43.2 from Friday. We were battling some cooling gremlins and did not finish the first TA session. In the second TA session we ran a 1:44.34 despite overheating probs for the overall win.

That's all folks

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