“No Holds Barred” Corvette C6 Competition Exhaust Muffler System From Burns Stainless LLC

“No Holds Barred” Corvette C6 Competition Exhaust Muffler System From Burns 
Stainless LLC


Burns Stainless LLC is pleased to announce the production of the Burns NhB Racing Exhaust for the C6 Corvette Z06/ZR-1 (2006 – 2013).



The NhB Racing Exhaust is a serious racing-only exhaust system that amazingly sheds ½ the weight (25 lbs) off of the stock muffler system with a true 3” core diameter for improved flow resulting in faster acceleration and improved handling.



To reduce weight as much as possible, the stock “quad exhaust tips” have been replaced with single 3” OD exhaust tips. The NhB exhaust tip design also allows for the addition of exhaust turnouts to direct exhaust noise away from the ever-more-popular track-side sound stations.



“We are so excited to see the production release of our C6 exhaust” Jack Burns exclaims, “after designing a lightweight system for the street that would meet our exacting standards, we have decided to return to our roots and offer a ‘no-holds-barred’ system for competition 



The NhB exhaust is constructed from US-made lightweight ASTM 269 18g 304 stainless steel tubes and TIG-welded with argon-backpurge for maximum strength and durability. The NhB system is equipped standard with 2 Ultra Lightweight 4-1/2” OD mufflers. Other muffler options are available.



Please visit the Burns Stainless website for more information. 

Phone: 949-631-5120




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