NX GTi-R: Hill Climb Edition


This video is not my fastest run of the weekend. With so much going on with the car, I simply didn't have time for either data acquisition or video. The focus of this video is to give you a sample of the hill climb experience. I encourage you to keep watching after the run is finished because the trip back down truly allows you to see the elevation changes and experience the corners. Thanks for watching.

My best run of the day took place on Sunday and was 7 seconds faster than Saturday's best run, giving me a 2.08.533 that put me second in class. There were two more runs and I would suggest that I was on pace for an even better time until a missed shift slowed me down and then I hit my next corner wrong. Rather than magnifying the two errors I had just made, I slowed the run down and finished with a 2:12 and then ended the day with a soft brake pedal again yet still pulling in a 2:11. It was a successful weekend and yet still quite a ways from the 2 minute mark. Since that is my goal, I am going to have to head back to Knox Mountain Hill Climb. Until next year then.


Thanks to Brent Martin at Martin's Action Photography for sharing photographs for this article. See more of his work here.


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