Old School F1

Back in 1967, Keith Duckworth designed a Formula 1 engine called called the DFV. You’ll notice that Duckworth is half of the name Cosworth (Mike COStin Keith DuckWORTH). The DFV is the winningest engine in the history of ALL motorsports (more on this later…). Anyhow, earlier in the week I spotted a DFX block that was getting ready to be sold to a vintage race car owner. The DFX is a later 2.65L turbocharged derivative of the DFV with a short stroke and big bore that was used in USAC and CART cars in the USA throughout the late 1970’s and 80’s.

Keith Duckworth was a genius that was way ahead of his time. This engine is now on its 40 year anniversary and only now are we starting to see some of the technologies in street engines by Honda (S2000/F20C)and Nissan (G35/VQ35DEHR). I’m mainly talking about the bedplate style engine block. The bedplate is where the main caps, oil pan, and main girdle make up the lower half of the block and sandwhich the crankshaft to the upper half of the block. This makes for a stiffer engine block assembly that can live longer at high RPM and horsepower levels.

I’m reading a book on the history of Cosworth right now. It’s a pretty damn good book called Cosworth – The Search for Power. And it documents the rise of Cosworth from back in the day when it used to be a hole in the wall tuning shop!!! More on this later…I just wanted ya’ll to see how buff of a motorsports heritage that Cosworth has.




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