PE Engineering’s Innovative Easy to Install Pedal Box


The PE Engineering balance bar uses a thick and stiff threaded rod and a large spherical bearing with big delrin thrust washers.  The pivot rods are large diameter titanium with low friction large diameter delrin bushings. This stiffness produces great pedal feel. 
When we were trying the PE Engineering pedal box out on a test stand at the PRI show, we noted through gauges on the display how the box could generate more hydraulic line pressure and a firmer pedal feel that other pedal assemblies in the test rigs that were available for comparison. The reason for a lot of the pressure with the firm pedal was due to low flex in the system.  

Note that the pedals themselves have a lot of section width in the line of stress, more than any other pedal.  The pedal ratio and angle of the pedals themselves are adjustable. There is also a solid pedal stop so the pedal will bottom on the stop instead of in the cylinder which could damage the cylinder.


PE Engineering's pedal box comes with the master cylinder reservoirs and the lines to optionally remote mount them somewhere else. A cable adjuster for the balance bar is also included with the assembly. 
We will be installing the PE Engineering pedal box into the FWD Unlimited North American record holding Go Tuning/Spoon Sports Honda Civic for a test to really put the part through its paces and will report back how well it works. 

The PE Engineering pedal box is one of the parts that really caught our jaded eyes at the PRI show in December.  We will be testing it in the Spoon Sports Civic and reporting on how well it works very soon. 

In the meantime, this is the easiest and most sano way to get a real racing brake system into your racecar!


3P Connect, Distributor for PE Engineering

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