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I’m in Orlando, Florida now for the PRI show for Cosworth. BTW, I work at Cosworth now developing performance parts for their street engine department. It’s a pretty exciting job working at a true motorsports engine manufacturer. I still help out at XS of course. Anyhow, this is my first time at the PRI show and I can say that it’s pretty damn sweet. Especially if you’re a hardcore race/car enthusiast. Most of it is NASCAR/circle track hick stuff, but that stuff is pretty buff too. You gotta respect where respect is due. Any car capable of going 200 MPH around Talladega is buffer than shit. Never mind that the good ol’ boys build them. Imagine if the same people built an FD, GT-R, Supra, etc. I know watching cars go around an oval is some boring shit, but I challenge you to watch the last 20 laps of any NASCAR race. Now THAT is racing.


Here’s a NASCAR Busch car chassis. A NASCAR Cup car is what you see on the major networks, but the Busch series is still 200MPH on some tracks. C’mon you JDM people, you gotta admit this is buff even if you don’t know what you’re looking it. It’s a chassis of a race car that can withstand the collision of a 200MPH impact. A JGTC/Super GT car is not even made to go that fast.

Picture 007_web.jpg


Here’s a Dodge NASCAR Busch Charger. Busch engines still make around 700hp normally aspirated with a carburetor restricter.


Picture 009_web.jpg


Picture 010_web.jpg


Picture 013_web.jpg


And of course you gotta have the redneck/hick tractor pulllers. I love watching this on ESPN2 and CMT. It’s just a raw ass display of horsepower. Each engine cranks out about 2500hp. There are 4 engines.


Picture 008_web.jpg


I’ll be here the whole week so if I see some cool shit, I’ll be sure to put it up.

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