Performance Racing Industry: What’s New and Cool 2022 Edition
Link Engine Management has released the VooDoo Pro ECU and the Razor PDM.

Link’s new Voodoo Pro system is a next-generation design on their G5 platform that includes support for GDI control, which is quite a rarity. With 24 injection/ignition channels, support for drive-by-wire, dual onboard WBO2, built-in GPS, and many other features, the Voodoo Pro is a pretty powerful control system.

The Razor PDM features two 25A H-bridge capable drivers as well as 8 “ADIO” (analog-digital-input-output) channels. It seems like a pretty small but potent package if you don’t have a tremendous amount of control requirements. When paired with the large number of outputs on the Voodoo Pro, though, you can probably do quite a lot.

2JZ fans can rejoice now that Dart has released a reproduction block.

While various 2JZ blocks have been available for quite some time, Dart is claiming that theirs is the best-est. Like the original, this 2JZ block is cast iron. But it also hides lots of upgrades. Aluminum-screw freeze plugs, improved coolant passages, a different crank support structure, and increased deck thickness are just some of the bells and whistles that Dart is providing. With claimed support of up to 94mm stroke and 88mm bore, this beast of a block can be punched out to 3.43L. And, given that the block is cast, it should be much less expensive than the billet options out there. All we can do is wait and see.

And, as an additional teaser, Dart had a little placard indicating that a billet option might also be available.

CSF now offers this charge air cooler manifold for the G8X BMW M3/M4.

CSF is a leader in cooling components, and they have kept the ball rolling with new additions for many platforms. In addition to the charge air cooler manifold, the M3/M4 also gets the CSF treatment for the primary heat exchanger to really get those IATs down. Last but certainly not least, is a transmission cooler. And all of it is a drop-in replacement for the OEM bits.

And, in the same BMW vein, CSF now has a radiator designed specifically for S54 swaps into E36 chassis, featuring the OEM mounting location but optimized hose inlets and outlets for the swap.

Headgames Motorworks and TiCon now have titanium exhaust bolts and studs.

Sometimes it’s the little things that are the most important. Like keeping your exhaust parts attached to your engine.


    1. Mostly thermal characteristics. Exhausts, especially turbo exhausts, can get very hot. This can result in metal fatigue and failure of fasteners. Titanium has a high melting point and low thermal expansion. Since it doesn’t expand, it tends to hold its torque. I can’t remember who told me the story, but the summary was that they kept having exhaust manifold issues and it turned out that the fasteners were lengthening and losing torque from the heat. Titanium wouldn’t do that.

  1. I never knew what the benefit of Nitrogen in tires was, just that it was ‘the hot new thing for fuel mileage’ for awhile before being called as snake oil.

    Reading now, I understand it’s benefit in very specific cases like top tier race teams searching for fractions on fractions of fractions of a second. Neat.

    I am always learning something here.

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