Pikes Peak 2022, Redemption for Team Evasive and the Model 3 Tesla-Part 2


Action Pictures by Larry Chen

After we qualified 4th on Thursday, Friday was fairly quiet, we just had to prep the car and attend the Colorado Springs fan feast.  Our Airbnb house didn’t have a driveway or a garage so we had to work on the car in the street! Surprisingly this did not draw any attention at all from people driving by.

Once again air jacks come in pretty handy enabling us to get the car in the air and ready to work on right away.  Electric cars don’t require too much work compared to gas cars.  We just have to bleed and flush the brake system, inspect and clean everything, then nut and bolt the car.

One of the main development items over the past year was to find the optimal wing placement for the Verus Engineering rear wing. After a lot of testing, we ended up lowering the wing quite a bit and moving it rearward.  This reduced drag quite a bit while maintaining downforce.

The rear diffuser volume was increased considerably.  The new diffuser is a lot longer with more angle than before.


  1. Very cool! Congrats to Dai and the team! BEV has come a long way, and this format is perfect for the current state of battery tech. Exciting times!

  2. Mike, these Pikes Peak race support stories are the best. When you talk about this car reaching the damping limits of conventional shocks, what are you options when that happens?

    1. since we were using the stiffest commercially available springs, fortunately this was not an issue. If we had to somehow go stiffer, I would have to find another manufacturer and possibly do something like off-road shocks that have bigger pistons and more fluid flow.

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