PRI Show – Orlando, Florida

I’m in Florida at the moment for the PRI show. This show is pretty cool and there’s plenty to check out if you’re hardcore. There’s very little to no pussy bullshit faggot parts here. It’s all hardcore racing parts and cars including, but not limited to NASCAR, midgets, sprint cars, karts, unibody, open wheel, 5.0’s, F-bodies, etc. Check out the show here: PRI SHOW

There are no cameras allowed inside because they don’t want it to be like SEMA where a bus load of Chinamen can come, take pictures, and COPY COPY COPY your parts. Anyhow, from the “tuning” side of the automotive aftermarket, there are companies like Cosworth, HKS, Volk Racing, AEM (why?!?! I thought it was hardcore), and a couple others. FYI, these are the companies you should be buying your parts from anyway with the exception of AEM. Anyhow, it’s good to be here to check out some cool shit. I’ll post some pics later.

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