Project 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner: Part 2 – Got Armor?


Gas tank skid: “bolts to factory threaded holes and has brackets that replicate the factory ones, but are 4x thicker. The skid has holes/openings in the corners for water and mud to slosh out, without sacrificing strength or protection.” 

And finally, Bud on the materials used for the skidplates, “there are 4 different materials: 3/16 steel  most common, best all around choice of cost, weight and protection. 1/8″ steel  light duty, bends fairly easily but cost the same as 3/16 steel ( we do lower volume so not as good a price as the 3/16 )  Weighs 1/3 less than 3/16 steel, 1/4″ Alum good for light duty light weight. Cracks when bent, can't form well without cracking, competitors do not bend for full strength, just ease of manufacture. BudBuilt bends theirs 90* for greater strength and lasting durability.  Weighs about 1/2 the 3/16 steel.  Almost as strong as the 1/8″ steel but cost 50% more. The 3/16 Stainless steel is the  same strength as regular steel, but offers great corrosion resistance. No painting required, “self healing” meaning no touch ups required, weighs same as regular steel, cost 50% more.

The skids are fully piece by piece interchangable with differing materials. Strong on front, lighter duty or weight underneath, depending how you use the truck.  The skids are then powdercoated, using an industrial coater. They sandblast then chemically dip the parts to remove all oils so we get maximum adhesion. Then coated and through a conveyorized oven for final bake/cure. It is the best there is, not the cheap stuff that starts peeling in weeks…NO RHINOLINER cause it grips! These are SKIDplates made to skid over something not grip it!”

The installation is simple to the point that we decided to do it at our home garage.  We featured Part 1 from our shop: Rise65 in Cumming, GA.  After intending to do the same with Part 2, we asked ourselves why? All you need is right there at home:  a garage, ?” ratchet, ½”, 12mm, 14 mm socket, Torque wrench (0-50lb-ft) and a ?” socket extension, 4 muscular arms, jack and jackstands; it really is that simple. Furthermore, everything mounts into a factory mount locations…no cutting, drilling, etc required!

All the parts needed to install each skid…nicely separated and bagged by BudBuilt.
Factory running boards….time for these to go.

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