Project AP1 S2000:DIY Oil Filter Stopper


An ample amount of twists for the safety wire, but not too much to avoid breaking the wire from over twisting. 
Here is the finished product. Although it may not be as fancy as the $100 JDM units, it's functional and cost less than $2 to create. 

After a couple days of driving, the filter has yet to move when normally it would see some movement. I marked the filter to align with the markings on the clamp to be able to verify if the filter has moved a little bit or if it has moved at all. 

Although it may not be as high as quality as J's racing or the ASM stopper, it has worked for the past few days since the installation. This is not to bash on their products, but it is only another way to simply prevent the issue for less than those kits go for.

I hope this helps some S2000 owners who decide to create their own stopper, or to even just to bring awareness to this issue for F20 owners. It is not that common, but there is a possibility it can happen. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more updates on Project AP1 S2000!


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