Project Audi A4 Quattro: Part 2 – VAG-COM Fixes, Cam Follower and Coil Packs


One of the new coil packs on the counter at my local Volkswagen dealership. My town isn't large enough to merit its own Audi dealership.

Also of interest is the fact that this is the second time the coil packs have been replaced in the car's history. A similar repair was made under a recall campaign early in the car's life before we owned it. The “F” in the VAG part number indicates that we our now on the 6th revision of this component.

As you can see our cam follower was exhibiting signs of wear but fortunately, when we inspected, nothing that appears to have led to any scoring of the camshaft lobe itself. It's uncertain how much longer would have been safe to leave it beyond this! This is likely the first time that the follower has been changed and we did so at approximately 87,000 miles.
By comparing the images you can see that our follower would be classified as solidly into the “replace” stage of wear.

Another interesting thing that we've learned while looking into Audi cam follower issues is that the 3.2L V6 and 4.2L V8 versions of this motor both employ a roller follower setup to drive their high pressure fuel pumps off the cam. Why the same solution was not employed for the 2.0T engines we'll never know for sure. But our speculation is that it probably came down to a dollars and cents decision.

We promise, the fun parts are coming! Dealing with the hesitation/misfire and being certain that our cam follower was in good shape took priority. We now feel ready to move in a more performance oriented direction. Recently we've come across someone with a 6MT S4 wagon so it might be possible to do a little informal comparison testing to see how our future power mods work to close the horsepower gap. Stay tuned!

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