Project Autocross BRZ: Keeping Her STX Legal With Nameless Performance And Whiteline


Don't forget, installation of Whiteline steering rack bushings requires an alignment afterwords as your steering center will be off from where it was.
Once the bushings were both in place it was time to tighten them back up.

The improved connected steering feel was a big improvement from the stock, soft mush bushings, that comes with the BRZ from the factory. As previously stated an alignment will be needed upon the completion of the install, anytime the steering rack is unbolted things can and will move. With the alignment addressed it was time to move on to the other end of the car.


One down side with the design of the BRZ’s rear suspension is the fact that upon lowering the car's ride height the suspension geometry changes dramatically, adding a large amount of negative camber that cannot be adjusted by any means from the factory. To fix this we went to my favorite source for quality suspension tuning parts; Whiteline (sway bar part number BSR53XZ).
The beautifully gold anodized Whiteline adjustable lower control arms (part number KTA216) look as if they are made to take a beating. That's a good thing as we will be putting them through their paces.
Prior to install we tried to match up the Whiteline arms to the stock arms so we would have a rough reference as to where they should be adjusted.
Installation went just as smooth as removal. Whiteline product are always top notch when it comes to fit and finish.
The gold looks awesome on the car, adding some underside flair. Installation went quick it was a simple swap out / swap in on the lower control arms.

The only thing that those building to the STX SCCA Solo ruleset will have to keep in mind is that you will not be allowed to use the many sway bar and rear shock mounting point options that the Whiteline arms provide. You will need to use the mounting point that match up to the same as the stock arms.


Back on the ground ready to go get the alignment it needs prior to the 2014 Blytheville Arkansas SCCA Pro Solo.

Between attending Regional and National level SCCA Solo events we'll be changing up more suspension components to maximize the performance of our Autocross BRZ. Stay tuned!  



Nameless Performance 



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