Project Autocross BRZ: Part 1 – Building a Better Cone Dodger


Kartboy Delrin Oil Cap BRZ FR-S
Yes, we took a whole picture and dedicated it to the Kartboy Delrin Oil Filler cap. I urged them to have these say “caution asshole, this oil cap is HOT” but I have not yet seen that version. I think it would sell like hotcakes! 

In addition to the shifter we also installed the very important Kartboy oil filler cap. We honestly wanted this piece because it is machined from Delrin and keeps you from burning your digits off if you need to top off oil during between run checks! It also looks super cool with the Kartboy logo and we all have an inner rice boy that needs to be fed now and again. What's nice about the Katboy cap is that the logo is not attached when you get the parts! The idea is that you will thread the cap on to the car and then place the logo accordingly so that it sits where you want it to or so that it is readable when standing in front of the car. The cap was the first modification to grace the BRZ and was placed upon it the second day of ownership. While we were in the engine bay we also took the time to install the Kartboy crank pulley. The pulley is machined from billet aluminum and weighs in at just 1 lb compared to the stock unit at 4.9 lbs. The pulley acts similar to a lightweight flywheel in that the posterior analyzer tells us that the engine revs slightly quicker with it in place. The sum of these components are all great improvements that serve to improve the already very good driving experience offered by the platform. We also knew that we wanted to shed weight by ditching the stock battery so we sourced the Kartboy battery tie down to secure our new Ballistic 16 Cell EVO2 Battery in the OEM location. The Ballistic is one SWEET piece weighing in at just 3.5 pounds with a tiny foot print of 4.5” x 4.5” x 4.25” and it fit like a glove in the OEM tray using the Kartboy tie down. The battery uses lithium ferrous energy storage technology and delivers 500 Burst Cranking Amps. Throughout the entire summer and fall, the battery has proven perfectly capable of starting the car and running auxiliary systems short term without issue. 

Kartboy battery hold down Subaru BRZ Scion FR-S

We really didn't need a pixel width of 700 to show you the Kartboy batery tie down however we DID need it to segway to the next photo to demonstrate the difference in battery size. Scroll down to see what I am blabbing about! 
Ballistic Evo2 battery Kartboy battery tiedown
The Ballistic Evo2 is amazing in every way- it never faltered while running the car in auxiliary mode during our autocross season! 3.5 lbs and fits very well in the OEM location. Here it is in its black and red colorway accented by the black anodized kartboy tiedown with yellow accents.

With some of the smaller items taken care of, it was time to get some proper wheels and tires on the car. Just like any other form of motorsport, this is the critical link and more important than just about any one thing. In our case we KNEW exactly what we wanted and wasted NO TIME in getting those items on the car. For wheels we chose the widely successful Enkei RPF1 in 17 x 9. To appeal to our inner WRC addict, the color had to be gold on our 45mm offset rolling rings.

MotoIQ Subaru BRZ Enkei RPF1 Dunlop Direzza Z2

The Enkei RPF1's are a timeless wheel that seem to look good on just about anything. Honestly, the pairing of the gold RPF1 and the WRB BRZ are the perfect combination in my opinion! I have seen just about every variety of wheel on this chassis and nothing has spoken to me the way this setup has. The fact that they are roll formed, strong as hell, light weight, and reasonably priced really doesn't matter…. we are all about looks here at MIQ! 

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