Project Autocross BRZ: Swapping The Feal 441’s to KW V3’s


My good friend Justin the “AlignmentGuru” at Lake Country Alignment set forth to see what could be achieved with this new setup.
Our first alignment for the KW’s with the maxed out camber plates resulted in over a -.5 gain compared to the Feal’s on the front end and .3 gain of caster. I figured we would run with these numbers and see what happened.
The first event on the KW’s was awesome. The car was so glued to the asphalt surface that it was almost unbelieveable. The way the KW’s soaked up the bumps and cracks in the uneven surface was incredible. One thing we did notice was that our ride height and rake set to the car wasn’t quite balanced optimally as we ran into a mid corner push. The second thing that was noticed was the massive camber up front was not quite allowing us to use the full tread width of the 245-40-17 Hankook RS3 ver 2. Beyond that we had one of the best finishes with the car in local competition that we have had all season. A 5th and 7th place finish on PAX with the local Milwaukee Region SCCA. 
After some discussion on how the car had been behaving with the one and only Mike Kojima I went back to the garage. The tweaking began with a change in ride height followed by a slight adjustment to the rake of the car. It was then time to get the car back on the rack and aligned.
Upon completion my diligent AlignmentGuru sent me on my way. I went for a slightly spirited drive through the country and it didn’t quite feel right up front, my camber felt as if it wasn’t right and after the short drive I could see the we needed more. Rollover was there at -3.2. Back to Lake Country I went for a quick camber adjustment.

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