Project Bucket: EP3 Honda Civic Si


The car was so nice as a stocker we took it to a Media ride and drive event at Buttonwillow Raceway.  The roomy hatchback held three of us and our camera gear in relative comfort.  One thing we noted is that driving at 80 mph, the 5-speed transmission was letting the engine rev to around 4000 rpm which seemed to really kill the gas mileage down to about 26 mpg with lead foot Martin driving. This is only a little better highway mileage than Martin's thirsty M5 gets and a little worse than our Project IS-F at the same speed. This car is screaming for the six speed of the RSX Type-S. 
Jeff almost managed to get the Si stuck in the gross Buttonwillow mud.

Well the EP3 Si has some good points, it is sort of peppy in a disappointing low revving way.  It has sort of good handling in stock form although it has a lot of bump steer and torque steer at stock ride height. When lowered it's gonna get silly.  The brakes are okay and it gets good mileage if you keep it below 75.  It's the best used car that we have ever gotten for $500.

It's gonna take some figuring out but we are up for challenges.

Stay tuned!

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