Project C7 Corvette Stingray Saving the Airdam With ProTEKt

Although our GM Performance carbon fiber airdam looks awesome and it is integrated into the cars belly pan so it works well, it has a problem.  The problem is that it hangs very low and is prone to damage, especially on the street.  By installing KW Suspensions HLS lift system we have greatly reduced the chances that the airdam can be damaged by driveways but sometimes you might not see a dip or parking block in time and you could still hit or damage the airdam.  Well, all is not lost. ProTEKt, a company whose facilities are just down the street from us has come up with a great fitting and durable airdam protector for the GM Performance airdam!

ProTEKt makes airdam protectors for many popular cars and factory air dam options besides the Corvette so check out their website to see if they make an application for you.  If you don’t see your application listed, contact them and they might consider your request.


The ProTEKt airdam skid plate is CNC machined out of slippery and sturdy Delrin plastic. It is thick enough to significantly reinforce any airdam or bumper facia to reduce the chances of a hard hit damaging it. It is also cut to stick out slightly past the leading edge of any surface it is attached to so it is the first point of contact. This forward edge gives considerable protection while still staying hard to see.

The ProTEKt airdam protector for the GM Performance airdam comes in three pieces.  This is the center piece.  It attaches to the car using the OEM bolts that hold the belly pan to the airdam.  Note that the bolts are all countersunk so they won’t grind on the ground.  The Delrin is a slippery plastic often used in bearings and bushings that will slide on the ground or obstacles and not dig in.

The protector has to mirror image end pieces that protect either side of the air dam.  Like the center piece, the bolt holes are countersunk and use the OEM hardware.

We had accidentally ground the airdam on the ground a few times already even though we were really careful.  You can see some of the scrapes here on the leading edge.

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