Project Cappuccino: Modern Tires, Ancient Car

Cappuccino on the Rack
We picked up the tires from a local Tire Discounters who also mounted and installed the tires, as well as performed a 4-wheel alignment. We had to warn them in advance that the mechanics who drive this car needed to be short, skinny, and limber. We did not perform any kind of performance alignment since most of the suspension is still factory and has rather limited adjustment.
Hellafunctional Cappuccino
Adding this much tire was a risk, but the fitment ended up being absolutely perfect! The outside edge of the tires just barely clears the fender lip. We can thank the camber gain of the double a-arm front suspension for that.
Cappuccino on the Road
Once we confirmed the fitment was good, we immediately went to the backroads. We bombed down one of our favorite back roads and got snapped by a local photographer who’s always on the lookout for cool cars. He snapped this sweet pic of us trying out our new tires for the first time.
Cappuccino Pose
The tires of course are awesome. They’re better in every performance metric: the increase in grip levels is night and day. The speed we can carry through corners is way higher. The amount of confidence and feedback these tires give is astounding. Most importantly, the Bridgestones are a huge improvement in braking.
Cappuccino in War Paint
The Project Mu brake pads we installed last time have a lot of bite and it was very easy to lock the tires during a panic stop. With the Bridgestones, we can apply a lot more braking pressure before the tires lock, massively shortening our stopping distance. We did find that at full lock, the front tires do clip the inside of the fenders, but this only happens in parking lots. We are still investigating the point of contact to see if we can add some clearance.


  1. When you installed the Strut Brace did you do it with the suspension unloaded by jacking up the front? It helps to do that and then adjust the turnbuckle.

    I have usually been able to feel the. difference with all my braces.

    1. I set the tension with wheels on the ground. I also live in a salt state and I installed the brace in the fall. Snow season started early and I didn’t really get a chance to drive it before and after. The Cappuccino runs terribly in the cold and it has zero rust protection so once the weather gets cold it gets locked up in the garage until the salt gets rained away.

    1. Two reasons: first the lowering springs on the car are way soft. The fronts aren’t even 100 lbs/inch. It would help, but not all that much. Second, the shocks are pretty worn and need replacing, so it would be even more underdamped than it already is. Third, removing the rear shocks requires knocking off the lower control arm. Not something I want to do more than once if I can avoid it you know?

  2. Whereabouts are you again? WI somewhere? Not too far from my home town. Just passed through recently unless WI is dead wrong in which case nevermind.

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