Project CRG Go Kart: From Basket Case to Bitchin


Project CRG HPV-4  Go Kart
Italian made chrome molly chassis,  wind tunnel designed body,  billet magnesium parts, aircraft spec fasteners, data logging, floating disc brakes, slicks, fully adjustable chassis and alloy wheels with a 70 mph top speed.  A 100cc Kart, although considered to be an entry level class is not a toy but a serious racing machine.  Ayrton Senna won a world championship in a similar machine.

It’s hard to find high quality metric fasteners but Baller Bolts can get the oddest things in zinc plated steel, stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, aluminum and other exotic metals if needed.  Baller bolts, knowing that weird two stroke vibrations can shake anything apart also supplied their exotic steel clip locking nuts.  Unlike a nylock that can wear out or have the nylon melt; Baller Bolts has a super trick stainless nut that has stainless leaf spring swaged into the nut.  These springs put tension on the bolt shank and act like high temperature and permanent nylock!

Project CRG HPV-4  Go Kart
A rear view of our restored kart.

Our kart is now completely refurbished and like new, even with the cost of the parts it is still a fraction of a late model CRG with an HPV.  With our work it takes a good eye to tell it from a new kart.  The light and nimble CRG is more fun to drive than our newer high tech karts and can turn some good lap times. We think that this was a fun project and a good investment. If any of you can find a deal like this, take it, it’s a good way to get some track time for cheap and faster, funner and probably cheaper than going to indoor rental kart places like K1.

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  1. Having restored several Karts over the years, I did enjoy reading about your project and the end result looks great. However, one issue jumped out as I was reading and that is; “Ayrton Senna won a world championship in a similar machine.” Surprisingly, Senna never won a World Championship in Karting. A more appropriate statement would be “World Champion Ayrton Senna competed in a similar machine”

    1. You are right! He was the South American champion many times but only a runner up in the world championships, 2nd twice and 4th twice.

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