Project DBA R35 GT-R: Upping Stopping Power with Brembo and Race Technologies


The floating hardware for the rear rotor is on the inside of the rotor, as seen here. It is the same floating spacers with stainless anti-rattle springs as the front rotors.

You can see why the stock hat is so heavy; it also contains the parking brake drum. The new part has an alloy hat, and the parking brake shoes ride on the hard anodized aluminum. Although this works fine for use as an emergency brake or a parking brake, you probably don’t want to go around doing e-brake initiations all the time.

The hard anodized inner drum surface is very hard and long wearing, but it is also thin. Once you wear through it, the soft aluminum will get gouged easily by the brake shoes. In normal use, that will never happen, and we will take the lighter weight.


Our brake kit came with Race Technologies TS20 compound, which is a dual purpose street and light track use pad with low dusting, low rotor wear, and low noise characteristics.

An important feature about the pads is that they are much taller than stock and stick out below the caliper using all of the rotors friction ring surfaces.  Thus they have much more braking area or pad surface volume than stock and fully exploit the larger front rotor and the wider friction face of the new rear rotor.


To accommodate the diameter front rotor, Race Technologies provides this CNC-machined billet spacer that goes between the front knuckle and the caliper. This spaces the front caliper higher and gives clearance for the larger rotor.

The thin black things are Teflon coated, dual layer stainless steel shims that go behind the brake pads that act to reduce rattle and squeaking.


The Brembo front rotor is bigger than the stock Nissan part. The difference in diameter is quite apparent.

Bolting the caliper on is really straightforward; the only different thing is placing the spacer between the caliper and knuckle to make room for the larger rotor.



  1. Great article! I can’t seem to find a dealer who sells the kit without including new calipers as part of a big brake kit.

    Would you mind pointing me in the right direction to purchase the set?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you. Unfortunately, I have a 2009 and it doesn’t show those as an option on the website for a 2009.

    I am not sure why. It only shows 405s available in a complete kit.

    Do you know why?

    1. It probably is because the 2008-2012 GT-R uses a 380 x 34mm rotor. In 2012 the front rotor size went to a 390 x 32.8mm rotor. The Brembo rotors will fit the older cars but a thicker caliper spacer (and possibly longer bolts) should be used. I would call Race Technologies and ask them if they have the thicker spacer.

  3. Hi Kojima san! Can you let us know how these brakes have performed compared to stock after real world use? And perhaps if you’ve taken them to the track how that was.

    I’m about to order these same rotors and RT TS20 pads based on your review! Also were the pads noisy or dusty? Hopefully less than stock rotors/pads but curious how they compare to say AP J Hook + Endless MX-72 pads. Thanks!

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