Project Ducati Hypermotard Part 1


Ducati Perfornace carbon tank cover

Ducati Performance Carbon

To trim a little more weight and well, for looks we replaced all of the factory plastic panels and a few aluminum parts with Ducati Performance carbon parts.  Sexy carbon fiber replaced pedestrian plastic on the fuel tank lid, rear tail panels, rear fender/chain guard, countershaft sprocket guard, rear sprocket guard, heel guards, tail light cover and clutch cover.  We also ditched the fugly rear taillight, license plate bracket, turn signal and rear fender combination for Ducati Performance’s much cleaner looking tail light tidy, this relocates the turn signals higher and gets rid of much of the bulk in the back of the bike.

Ducati Performance Carbon parts
The Ducati Performance carbon taillight cover looks cool.  We were bummed that we had to get these new carbon tail pieces.  The Hypermotard S comes with nice carbon bits stock but they did not fit with the new exhaust.  The panels that came with the exhaust were plastic so we had to get these new carbon bits.  Oh well.

Ducati Performance carbon heel guard

Ducati carbon rear hugger and chain guard for hypermotard

While we were changing the rear chain guards, we also upgraded the chain to a Ducati Performance part.  The Ducati Performance chain is stronger with lower friction and requires less maintenance, the idea of which, we like.  It also has red endplates which complement the color of our bike.  Color coordinated chains, what will they think of next…

AMS ducati chain install
Grinding the chain pin to shorten it.
Ducati Performance carbon chain guard vs stock
The stock plastic chain guard vs the Ducati Performance carbon part.

Ducati Performance Chain and carbon chain guard

Our final bits are a Ducati Performance racing seat and windscreen.  The seat is 20mm lower and shaped to move the rider’s weight forward.  The shape and cover material are also designed to help hold the rider in position under acceleration and braking forces.  The windscreen is a small plexiglass part that attaches to the front cowl.  Although the part is small, it does make a feelable difference in wind blast at freeway speed while not looking dorkey at all.  In all these last few bits have probably shaved another 2-3 lbs off of the bike leaving us with a superlight bike just under 370 lbs dry.

Ducati Performance Seat
One drawback to the Hypermotard is that it is a somewhat tall bike.  The Ducati Performance race seat is 20mm lower which helps shorter riders at lights.
Ducati Performance Hypermotard windscreen
The Ducati Performance windscreen matches the Hypermotards lines and actually makes a feelable difference in wind blast.

With our bike looking cool, in the next edition of Project Ducati Hypermotard, we will do some more tuning to up our power with some more warranty friendly Ducati Performance bits.  Until next time!


AMS/ Advanced Motorsports

Ducati North America

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