Project Ducati Hypermotard: Part IV, Saving Weight

Project Ducati Hypermotard: Part VI, Saving Weight

Project Ducati Hypermotard: Part IV – Saving Weight

By Jeff Naeyaert

Although the Ducati Hypermotard S is a pretty light bike from the factory at 390 lbs. we figured that we could always make a good thing better by getting rid of some of the weight.  For 2010 Ducati freshened up the Hypermotard model with the Evo SP which weighs only 379 lbs.  This is mostly due to lighter engine cases, flywheel, alternator and crank.

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Project Ducati Hypermotard: Part VI, Saving Weight
Our Aviacompositi tail really gives Project Hypermotard a sleek look and cleans up the cluttered area of the bike.  We think that this is a huge difference and is how the bike should come from the factory.  The Aviacompositi tail is a street going version of the factory racing Desmo Challenge tail.

We had originally installed a Ducati Performance exhaust that got rid of 15.5 lbs. of weight.  A bunch of carbon fiber deleted a couple of pounds but we added back a couple with beefier handguards, bars and mirrors.  We were already lighter than the Evo SP but wanted to see what else we could do.

Project Ducati Hypermotard: Part VI, Saving Weight
The Ducshop Hyperstack air intake system replaces the restrictive stock airbox with tuned stacks and K&N pod filters.  The kit is complete and comes with everything you need to do the install.

The first thing we tried was to replace the restrictive stock airbox with a Hyperstack air intake from the Ducshop.  The Ducshop is a Ducati Tuner that makes a wide range of performance, track proven parts for Ducatis. The Ducshop Hyperstacks are CNC machined billet aluminum velocity stacks that clamp to the stock intake ducts right past the throttle bodies.   K&N pod filters attach to the stacks.  This system is totally free flowing, much more than the stock intake that breathes through a tiny hole in the airbox.

Project Ducati Hypermotard: Part VI, Saving Weight
Look at the tiny hole that the engine breathes through in the stock airbox!

Project Ducati Hypermotard: Part VI, Saving Weight


  1. Hi all I have a question.
    I have purchased a hypermotard 1100 evo and have these direct air intake filters on
    when you did this project did you do an ecu remap.
    my bike still has the stock ecu on it and does not run nice.
    If re-mapped please assist I live in Suriname South America and there is no dyno available here.
    i do have some software to do a remap. I have Jp Diag.

    Please help if you have a reasonable map available for me.
    also some steps and instructions to get this done.



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