Project E36 323is: Building the Poor Man’s M3, Part 2 – Suspension Overhaul Completion


Front KW strut assembly with GC camber plate
As Howard Watanabe from Technosquare is assembling the GC plates with the KW V2s, you can see him adding GC's stainless steel reinforcement ring.  These plates help to disperse some of the forces on the strut tower the same way stock reinforcement plates do, so there are no worries about deformation or cracking of the strut towers.  Not only that, but they also help to prevent galvanic corrosion between the steel strut tower and the aluminum GC plates.


Ground Control camber plate assembly
A better view of the GC plate when assembled to the front KW strut.  Final tightening down of the top strut nut and a decent view of the helpful engravings to show measurements in degrees, as well as the reinforcement ring.


Final KW strut and GC camber plate installation
Howard tightening down the final bolts on the top of the strut tower.   At a fairly low 18 ft-lbs, it doesn't take much to get these secured.


GC camber plate top view installed
Compared to the earlier photo of the stock setup, you can see the huge difference these allow.  Caster is easy to max out and camber changes are as easy as loosening the three nuts on the strut tower and sliding in or out as needed.  Adjustments can be easily made on sliding alignment plates at the shop, or by simply lifting the front of the car off the ground slightly at the track and moving to your pre-marked settings.



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