Project E36 323is: Building the Poor Man’s M3, Part 5 – Intake and Software


aFe intake tube and heat shield mounted

Once the adapter is in place the intake tube can be mounted to the heat shield with the supplied hardware.

aFe intake with Pro 5R filter

The last part of the pre-installation process is simply bolting the Pro 5R aFe filter element to the intake tube, making sure that the included hose clamp is secure enough to avoid any air leaks. 

aFe intake cruise control removal

At this point we had to unbolt the cruise control module in order to drop the new intake system in, but if it was a stock airbox that you removed, then the module was already unbolted during that process.

E36 headlight removed for aFe intake heat shield mounting

This is a close up view of why you want to remove the headlight.  It's obviously a very tight working space, so pulling the headlight is the only way to get good access to the mounting points. 

aFe intake installed cruise control mounted

Once the intake is almost fully installed, be sure to reattach the cruise control module or you'll end up with extra parts laying around, and a floppy cruise control unit.  Nobody wants that!

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